5 Islands to Visit on a Private Yacht Charter in Greece

5 Islands To Visit On A Private Yacht Charter In Greece

When we think about the country of Greece it is easy to forget that it is made up of a vast collection of islands. The mainland region is just a small part of the country and there are actually1400 islands in total.

This means that there is a massive choice when it comes to choosing the best location for a Greek island adventure. Many tourists will choose just one island – typically one of the largest options such as Crete or Rhodes. But an alternative approach is to hire a luxury yacht charter and island hop between a series of islands. This experience brings a greater sense of adventure and the chance to see much more of the country.

With so many islands to choose from, it can be difficult to plan a route. This is why we picked 5 of the best islands for a private yacht charter in Greece to inspire you :


1- Mykonos: the best greek island to party


Private Yacht Charter Greece-Mykonos


Mykonos is party central when it comes to the Greek Islands. This is a popular, busy resort island with plenty of places to eat, drink and go clubbing. The number of visitors and the vibe of this island might get a bit much after a while. That is why it is such a great choice for a luxury yacht charter. You can moor up by one of the beautiful beaches, have dinner at a restaurant enjoy a night out at a club and head back to the boat. You can enjoy a taste of the island without getting overwhelmed and then retreat to somewhere a little quieter the next day.


2- Antiparos: a hidden gem to explore on a private yacht


Antiparos, Greece


That quieter, more relaxed island could be Antiparos. This isn’t as well-known as some of the other islands around Greece. As a result of this, and its location, there are far fewer people. This means that this island is the perfect place to relax and overcome any ill-effects from the night before. The secluded beaches are pristine and the waters are perfect for a light swim. This is a great place to see the beauty of Greece and what the islands can be like without the hustle and bustle of tourist resorts. A trip here on a charted yacht gives you that contrast in locations that you might not get when staying in one resort.


3- Ikaria: the best greek island to discover the wildlife



Most of the islands in lists of the best Greek island destinations have one thing in common – the beach resorts. However, not all travellers are interested in spending every day of the holiday lying on the sands. There are great opportunities for that on the other islands in this list. On Ikaria, travellers get the chance to explore and see a different type of landscape. This island has a range of habitats from mountains and forests to lakes and farmlands. This is ideal for those that want to get back to nature and search for some of Greece’s wildlife.


4- Santorini: a romantic island for a honeymoon on a private yacht


Luxury Yacht charter greece-santorini


Santorini is often cited as the island that has a bit of everything. It is Greece condensed into one beautiful little island. There are charming little villages that offer a taste of the more traditional, idyllic side of the country. There are also plenty of attractions and beaches that are tailored to tourists. There are lots of choices here for a fun day trip and some great restaurants for a romantic dinner. In fact, Santorini is also heralded as one of the best islands in Greece for honeymooners. More specifically, you might want to head to Ammoudi Bay and moor up here in your yacht charter. This site is famed for its incredible views – especially at sunset – and the seafood.


5- Naxos: the family-friendly island on your greek yacht charter



Perhaps this is a family vacation and there are younger passengers onboard. This is where a trip to Naxos is such a great idea for a private yacht charter in Greece. This is one of the most family-friendly islands to visit because of the number of attractions, shops and other accessible facilities. There is more to see and do for kids than some of the more laid-back islands. The beaches are perfect for some family fun, they can pick up some souvenirs and there is even a water park to play in. This is probably the Greece that you have in your mind when planning a summer holiday.


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