Chartering with Groups: how to make sure you Charter a yacht with the Right Persons?


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Are you worried about how to make a group for your next yacht trip? You should be.

When you ask experienced yachties who you should charter a yacht with, the usual joke that precedes their answer is: “no one”. Of course, it’s a joke, so it’s not entirely true. But since it’s a joke, there is some truth and painful yacht experiences behind it…

Yacht holidays are like any other holidays: some will want to do a certain activity while others wish to chill out on the couch, some will want to party every day while others will be early birds to enjoy the best sunrises. Everyone has a different definition of the perfect vacation.

But the little issues, fights and frustrations that occur during holidays on land can take a more dramatic turn when you are in a limited space in the middle of the ocean. You can’t exactly go for a walk in the park to cool off, or decide to go on your way for the day.

So how do you ensure that you have the right group for your yacht trip? Follow our guide.

Who can you charter a yacht with?

You can charter a yacht with everyone: as a couple, with your university group of friends, between colleagues for a seminar, with other couples, or with your whole family.

The experience is different depending on who you go with. Each got their pros and cons.

Yacht trips as a couple

Should you go on a yacht trip with your significant other? In most cases, yes you should. 

Yacht trips as a couple have many pros compared to holidays with larger groups: 

  • If you live together, you are already used to each other
  • You likely have aligned interests and similar lifestyle
  • You probably already know how to compromise
  • Only two persons need to agree on destinations and activities

A sailing holiday with your partner is a romantic, cosy escape that is quite easy to pull off smoothly. There is no reason not to try.

Yacht vacations in family

Renting a yacht with your family is a great way to enjoy some quality time with your loved ones. But it comes with more challenges than simply going out as a couple:

  • The age gap between children and adults can impact choices of activities
  • Conflictual relationships between large group of relatives might erupt easier on a boat
  • You can’t escape your mother in law

On the bright side, you most likely know your family members well, so you should know what to expect in terms of how each of them is likely to behave on board.

And let’s be honest, there is nothing better than being together on a boat when all stars are aligned: 

  • The limited space is a great way to have everybody together
  • Activities, itineraries and the overall journey are ideal to bond with each other
  • It creates long lasting memories and perfect family photos

Life as a family is always more complicated than the one as a couple. And it’s not different when you gather as a group for a yacht trip. 

But it’s an effort that pays off, and that we highly recommend it.

Yacht trips with a group of friends

Renting a yacht together with your friends is the perfect picture to seal friendship. But it needs a little more caution than when you charter a boat with your family or your significant other:

  • You are not in your friend’s intimacy and don’t know them that well
  • You may not be familiar with their plus one or their children
  • It’s likely that you did not see each other for a while and have changed in between
  • The more people, the harder it is to commit, agree and organize

On the other hand, who can be a better choice to unwind in tropical locations than your friends, especially if you are all yacht enthusiasts? 

Most groups of friends have the time of their lives on their yacht charter. Follow our advice below to make the ideal team and there will be no reason for your yacht trip with friends to go wrong.

What you should look for in your yacht trip group

Matching interests

Make sure your interests and expectations are the same.

It starts with the destination. But the type of boat to charter, activities and lifestyle onboard are equally important.

It will help tremendously the organisation if you all agree on where you want to go, when you want to go and what you want to do.

If half of the group wants to party late and sleep in while the other half wants to wake up early to dive, it might be a problem.

Similarly, if some members of your yacht trip group don’t want to go to the same destination as others, or some want a sailboat and others a motoryacht, it may be near impossible to find a common ground.

A good compromise for larger groups is to charter different yachts to the same destination. Then your only mission is to agree on a common destination and matching dates. Your large group can be divided into smaller groups that can do different activities or use different boats during the day and all gather at night. The best of both worlds.

Compatible personalities

The space is limited on a yacht, so it’s important to have people on board with matching personalities. And it’s of course even better if they share a true enthusiasm for yachting and being with each other.

Ideally, you probably want to leave negative, conflictual and on-edge people on land. 

A yacht trip should be a relaxing experience among people who enjoy being there and love being together.

Similar budget

Budget is also a factor to consider when chartering a yacht, especially for yacht trips with groups of friends.

It’s easier if you all can agree more or less on a budget everyone can afford. 

If you are on a crewed yacht charter, you can all share the APA. If you are chartering a smaller yacht or a bareboat one, you can set up a money pot or “kitty” before departure to use for expenses onboard.

Making a group to go on a yacht trip together, whether it’s family, friends or colleagues, can seem complicated, but it’s always worth it.

Do you already have a group but you are unsure about the best destination or the ideal boat for your trip? Get in touch with our travel advisors.