Greece : the perfect location for your Honeymoon !

Looking for perfect honeymoon spot? You may think of the Caribbean, Hawaii or the Bahamas. Forget that … Think of Greece ! Look closer and you’ll see how east Mediterranean is just perfect for your honeymoon. All those unusually-attractive pictures in travel brochures were most certainly taken off shore. Look even closer to the stunning views on yachts, they can be yours.

Greece is a country that looks as if carved by the sea. Greece has the 11th longest coast line In the world (8,498 mi) and more than 1400 islands and inlets out of which 277 are inhabited. The vast choices of itineraries can make you aficionados of Greece. You will be at different location every night and awake at new island each morning. In Greece you will experience marine life, local food, culture and yes of course a personalized honeymoon expedition that hotels can’t offer to you. And if you a hire luxury yacht charter in Greece, you will lack nothing, the professional captain and chef will take care of all your needs.

Well nothing can beat the aribbean for relaxation, marine life and water sports but Greece coastlines offers you unique experience in yachting. It offers you altering environment between solitude and crowded locations, traditional and cosmopolitan atmosphere, serene and rough seas with exciting voyage through time and history. Apart from traditions and beautiful scenes, Greece has a lot more to offer. If you are an adventure lover, there are abundance of things that you can do like Scuba diving, Snorkeling, Para-sailing, Water skiing, Hiking, meet new people, delicious Greek food, visit museums and archaeological sites, shopping, fabulous sunsets, romantic lunch or dinner at private beach (only accessible by boat), a romantic night under blanket of stars. You can party like a rock star and go for Island hopping. There is something for every one.

The 1400 islands are divided into 5 regions namely:

West of the Mainland lies in Ionian Island
The Argo-Saronic Islands lies closest to Athens
In the Central Aegean Sea lies the Windswept Cyclades beyond the Northern and Eastern Aegean Islands
In the Southeast near Turkey lies the Dodecanese
The Sporades are scattered in north of the Greece
Accurately, the Greek Islands are one of the best and one of the most popular luxury yacht charter destinations in the world. Before you opt for Mediterranean as your honeymoon or vacation destination, take time and plan well. Find the best luxury yacht charter services which make sure you have wonderful experience without any hassles. This will include your travel paperwork and you can also customize an itinerary. Choosing the luxury yacht means you would be traveling in full-fledged luxurious yacht. Apart form luxury, privacy and comfort it includes professional Captain, chef and hostess as well as additional goodies like scuba and fishing gear, jet skis. So enjoy yachting with luxury yacht charter Greece.

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