GLASS: The luxury yacht of your dreams


Lujac Desautel- don’t forget his name ! He was one of six finalists for The Young Designer Of The Year 2014 Award by Boat International media.

Though he wasn’t the  1st place winner of this award, , his design named  “GLASS” was the design and concept that created the ‘buzz’ in the international boating community.

“GLASS” is not simply a luxurious mega-yacht, or a floating modern house with 5600 square feet of roaming space. It is so much more than that, it is a revolutionary innovative concept from the wildest of dreams.

Looking at this design, one can only guess that a skyscraper must have been his source of inspiration.  “GLASS” is organized vertically by three cubic volumes with floor-to-ceiling windows to maximize the view from its surroundings, which in this case, happens to be the ocean.

“GLASS” has also been referred to as “The Lego Yacht”. In the words of  Lujac  Desautel, the young architect, “The beauty of Lego is in the infinite amount of possibilities that can be created with just a few pieces”.

The “GLASS” design is based on a SWATH (Small Water-plane Area Twin Hull) platform creating  infinite ‘blocking’ possibilities created by Lego. Each floor is placed on top of  the other with strategic positioning  to allow  breathtaking views from all  rooms for guests and crew. The SWATH hull of 5600 feet has been designed to make you feel at home without the visual restrictions of walls and doors.

One of the most distinguished design features is the Mayan temple-like aft deck that lowers itself into the water for easy access to water toys, and can also be used as a private amphitheater.

Without a doubt, “GLASS”  is a piece of art that we impatiently and excitedly await to see cruising in the ocean.


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