Discover The Land of Ancient Beauty in a Luxury Yacht Charter in Croatia

Croatia offers a seldom-found and much-coveted combination of rich history, delicious cuisine, lush landscape, and crystal clear seas. Add to this the European heritage of the place and its being inexpensive, compared to Europe and the Croatia seems all but irresistible. To top it all, Croatia is one of the few exciting places which has not yet been overrun by tourist hordes. Together these qualities make this little country a suitable destination for a fabulous vacation.
The attractions of Croatia do not end on land, the sea has much more to offer; both in terms of rich marine life and historical beaches. It is the richness of its seas that has been attracting yacht-lovers from across the world and fast turning this beautiful European country into a center for yachting.

Located some 60 miles from Italy, Croatian seas have the best to offer in the Mediterranean, they are warm, they are pristine and they are not crowded. A lack of crowds does not mean the death of fun. As tourists you have ample spaces where you can relish the rich and varied Croatian nightlife.

A luxury yacht charter in Croatia offers the best of both worlds – the joy of solitude and the fun of nightlife. When going for a luxury yacht charter , you pick your guests, design your itinerary and decide how wild or calm your journey is going to be.

Windward Islands offers a large choice of luxury yacht charter in Croatia. You can choose between more than two dozen boats to pick one that is the most suitable for your vacation – catamarans, sail boats and single-hull luxury yachts.

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