Covid-19: Where can I travel?

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The immediate impact of Covid-19 has resulted in travel restrictions, self-isolation, and an economic downturn.  If you still want to get away for your vacation, the main struggle is to find the latest restriction worldwide.

How do you find relevant information on your next travel destination?

Make sure you check official websites : 

To keep yourself and your family safe when you celebrate holidays, make sure to wear a mask during your travel, avoid close contact from others outside your household, wash your hands often and use hand sanitizer, avoid contact with sick persons, avoid touching your face parts.

You can help yourself with our tool hereafter, but make sure you always check the last update from the country you wish to visit. 

Make sure you ask your travel advisor for advice on the destination, on the yacht you wish to rent, and on travel insurance?  

Do you wonder what would be the best destination to pick? You would like advice on the best boat rental for your group? Discuss with your travel advisor about your future projects, please contact us.