Why Charter a Luxury Catamaran in Singapore?

When it comes to a luxury yacht charter in Singapore, there are several options. You can go for yachts, sail boats, or catamarans. In this post, you will find why a luxury boat rental involving a catamaran is such a wonderful idea when you are in Singapore.

A- Reach
A catamaran can easily sail to relatively shallow waters, where a heavy luxury yacht will be stuck. This is possible before of the shallower draft of catamarans. Their double-hull structure allows you to explore exotic areas, which are still out of reach of most tourists. If you are keen on seeing a facet of Singapore that media rarely shows, and that cannot be experienced in luxury hotels on the mainland, a catamaran offers the best medium.

B- Fabulous views
The structure of a catamaran allows a 360 degree view, even when you are down below. The bridge decks on catamarans offer the perfect platform to relish the surrounding scenery.

C- Perfect for party
If you are throwing a party for your closest friends, or family, or acquaintances, a catamaran is a better option. Generally speaking, catamarans have wider decks where your guests will have plenty of space.

D- Safer for inexperienced charterers
Shallower displacement depths of catamarans make them a safer alternative for new yachters, who are keen on discovering relatively tighter spaces.

E- More privacy
The hulls of a catamaran are spread out over a large area. The boat head and cabins are separated from lounging areas by a comparatively large distance. This enhanced distance provides privacy, you and your guests so badly need.

Sailing on a luxury catamaran is a wonderful way to explore the seas of Singapore. These luxury boat rentals provide more access to exotic places, offer spectacular views, and offer unmatched privacy. If you are planning of a luxury yacht charter in Singapore, think about plumping for a catamaran.

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