Charter in Martinique: Top 10 Most (popular) activities

Location bateau Martinique, activités à faire

1. The Salines (beach)

From Le Marin, take the road towards Sainte-Anne,you will see signs indicating “Les Salines. This short southern bound drive will take you to a mile-long white sand beach with coconut trees. It is a very popular beach for families with children during holidays and weekends, but it’s very quiet during the week. At the extremity of the beach you will find very attractive souvenir shops. The quiet waters are safe for swimming especially for children. You can enjoy the translucent waters by diving and looking for the starfish, order food from the local salesmen who walk along the beach. You will find many fast food, pizzeria or other seafood restaurants near by the beach. For the brave and nature lovers, you can walk in “La Savane des Pétrifications » along this splendid coast.

Amenities : Food, Drinks and parking

Perfect for : nature lovers, swimming, hiking, hang-out, partying

2. “Les fonds blancs” White seabed, visit (in charter boat / with your charter)

The visit of these seabed sare is essential, this particularity of Martinican seabed is very appreciated by tourists. Every year, thousands of visitors go to visit them.

The white seabeds are places where the water is shallow,the sand is flushing with the surface,for hundreds meters away offshore. The color of the water in these areas is exceptional that’s why we call them “the white seabeds”.

This waters are ideal for families with children since it is very calm and protected.

The water is translucent, overheated by the sun, offering beautiful colors that can vary from dark blue to pastel blue through the emerald. The water is swell-free, the perfect place to make great travel photos and have fun. There are several white seabed son the south Atlantic coast, from Sainte Anne to Le Robert. However, two of them are particularly well known:

“La baignoire de Joséphine” is probably the most popular. Le Francois, has received Josephine de Beauharnais, Napoleon 1st‘s wife, born in Martinique, in “Trois Ilets”. The area is gorgeous and is the subject of regular photo reporting.

But the calmest white seabed is the one in Le Robert. It is as beautiful as the one of François but it is less imperial noise. Tourists spend more quiet moments there.

2.1 Access to white seabed in charter

The François white seabeds are offshore of the town between the islets Thierry, Long, Oscar and Métrente. That’s the reason why boat charter in Martinique is an ideal way to get there. This is also the case for Robert’s white seabed.

3. Garden of Balata, Fort-de-France

If you have chosen to charter a boat in Martinique, do not miss a day trip to Fort-de-France. So you can organize your visit to the botanical garden of Balata and other nearby attractions.

Location bateau avec skipper

In the magnificent garden, take a walk and observe the exotic plants and flowers. Explore the gardens, nestled in the island’s mountains, in the jungle, and surrounding the typical Creole house. Take winding paths through carefully maintained gardens or walk through paths suspended in trees offering spectacular views of the site and the surrounding countryside. Don’t forget to bring comfortable shoes because the trails can be rough andbring your camera to capture landscapes.

4. Les Gorges de la Falaise, Martinique

At the Gorges de la Falaise, a walk between incredibly steep cliffs takes adventurous hikers and adrenaline-seeking to a beautiful waterfall.Don’t forget your swimsuit for this wonderful sporty trip. Indeed, it requires diving into the water and swimming through along a safety rope. You can bring a waterproof camera and make sure you take the most of this experience by organizing a private tour with a professional guide. If you like hiking, do not forget to include the Gorges de la Falaise during your visit of Martinique.

Les Gorges de la Falaise, Martinique

5. La Savane des Esclaves, Trois-Ilets

This is a reconstituted “Slave Village”. The colony was created in 2000 by a local resident who wanted to highlight the life of his ancestors – plantation workers who fled for freedom and who worked in the lands. You will go back in time by exploring this 19th century replica village, where each structure is dedicated to a traditional local custom. In addition to traditional huts and artefacts, there is an old-fashioned Creole garden, which is maintained without fertilizer or pesticides and filled with herbs, medicinal plants and fruit.

If you go to Martinique by boat, plan a visit of about 1 hours and half to La Savane des Esclaves.

La Savane des Esclaves

6. Les Anses d’Arlet, Martinique

The Anses d’Arlet are certainly the most charming corner of southern Martinique. It remains a unique sensation, beautiful landscapes and beaches. Anses d’Arlet is composed of a series of villages. Each village is named according to its respective bay: Grande Anse, Anse Noire, Anse Dufour. Villages are connected by coastal roads that offers superb views on the waves.

Les Anses d'Arlet, Martinique

The village of Anses d’Arlet is crowned by an 18th century Catholic church, its doors open on the beach andall this is surrounded by green hills. The neighboring village of Grande Anse is located along a road bordering the beach. On the beach, there are brightly painted boats and numerous restaurants. Do not miss the charming Anse Dufour and Anse Noire very quiet but a must see.

The beach of Grand Anse is particularly appreciated by those who visit Martinique by boat.

7. Habitation Clement, Le Francois

Take a stroll on the splendid grounds of the Habitation Clément, a typical Créole habitation, observe the sculptures in the gardens and discover how rum is made in one of the most famous rum distilleries. Visit the typical colonial-era Creole house, full of original furniture, ornaments and photos of its famous visitors.

Habitation Clement, Le Francois, Martinique

Browse the exhibitions of the “Clément Foundation”, an internationally renowned art gallery that promotes contemporary art by exhibiting artists such as Alain Aumis, Louis Laouchez and Pierre Soulages. The numerous partnerships, particularly with the Pompidou Center of Paris, make it possible to appreciate masterpieces in an exceptional setting.

Of course, the visit of the Habitation Clément cannot end without tasting of the rum of the same name. You will be able to learn how rum is made from sugar cane is Martinique and taste a wide variety of signature blends from the distillery. There is a shop, that will allow you to bring bottles and souvenirs home.

8. Beach « La Pointe Marin », Le Marin

Just before the village of Sainte-Anne, the “Pointe Marin” is a white sand beach extending for more than 1 km, facing the bay of Sainte-Anne. The beach is lined with coconut trees and sea grapes. The water is azure, usually calm and crystalline. On the sand, some tourists prefer to relax and tan. Others prefer having a drink in one of the many bars and cafes by the sea. This beach is very busy on weekends. That’s why it’s better to get there early to get a good place.

9. Mémorial of Anse Caffard

In the south-west of Martinique, there are 20 effigies of white stone, facing the Caribbean Sea and Diamond rock. They commemorate a 1830 disaster when a slave ship failed at Anse Cafard and entered the Diamond Rock, killing many passengers and sailors as well as slaves chained to the cargo bunker. The scary statues of this memorial are a popular stop and a photo opportunity for many. Although the monument has undergone some wear, you will not be disappointed with the overall effect.

Mémorial de l'Anse Caffard, Martinique

The Slave Memorial at Anse Caffard can be visited at any time of the day, every day of the week. Because of the proximity of the memorial beach of the town of “Le Diamant”, some visitors stop there to go then to this beautiful beach.

10. Excursion to the « Robert » by boat charter

French or English speaking guides will make you live a pleasant day of discovery of the island. The departure is from the bay of Le Robert on the Atlantic coast. The excursion takes place aboard a fully shaded boat that can accommodate up to 10 passengers. Snorkeling equipment is available aboard. Visit provide many opportunities to stop for swimming, watch iguanas and enjoy home-made refreshments. This activity is ideal for couples looking for something romantic. It is also an ideal option for families with children or small groups of friends who want to have a good time together.

Martinique Excursion au Robert en location bateau

The route includes a stop on the island Chancel to observe the iguanas, on the white background of the “Baignoire du Trapez”, the Isle Madame with the carbets, the beach and the white seas beds and the discovery of the mangrove. Visitors have the opportunity to dive on the coral reef with masks and snorkels. The organizers of this kind of activities also offer private and personalized excursions.

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