Caribbean Vacations : 10 Great Reasons to Charter a Yacht


When we dream of a Caribbean holiday, the calm blue ocean is often at the front of our minds. Now imagine setting sail around an island on a yacht and exploring your destination by sea. A motor yacht charter can be the ideal way to see an island and enjoy the ocean up close. First of all, you need to decide whether you want a bareboat charter or a luxury yacht charter with a full crew. There are pros and cons to both options. But, whichever you choose, you are sure to enjoy a great holiday. Here are 10 reasons to charter a yacht in the Caribbean for your next holiday :

5 Reasons for choosing a crewed yacht charter in the Caribbean :

1. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

Even if you are an experienced sailor, it can be nice to sit back and let others take control of the boat. This way you don’t have to worry about the route, the fuel or any other details about the journey. Rest easy knowing that your captain will get you to your destination.

2. Gain access to hard to reach places.

Every Caribbean island has some beautiful coves and inlets that aren’t that easy to reach. They either require a skilled sailor or a long trek by land. A crewed charter can help you find these areas and enjoy the scenery that others might miss.

3. Local knowledge.

These crews will have plenty of local knowledge about the waters and scenery, which is essential for the best voyage. But, they will also provide great knowledge about local restaurants, local languages and other hidden gems that aren’t in the guidebooks.

4. Great catering and facilities.

A crewed motor yacht charter means that you get the full luxury experience. This means the best possible cabins and facilities, but also great food and drinks from chefs and bartenders. This way you don’t have to worry about a self-catered experience and can enjoy some treats onboard the boat.

5. Watersports equipment that you couldn’t bring by plane.

Many people will hire sporting equipment over the week to enjoy snorkelling, surfing and other pursuits. However, some companies like Windward Islands – Yachting Company will provide guests with pieces of equipment as part of the service. It is easy to play around in or on the water from the back of the boat.

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5 Reasons for choosing a bareboat charter in the Caribbean :

1. Determine your own course.

There is a greater sense of adventure to setting sail on a bareboat charter. You are the captain of your own ship and no-one can tell you which way to go. This means that you can adapt an itinerary to suit the needs of the family. Some charted services have a clear plan per day. Here you can be a little more flexible.

2. Sail your way, at your pace.

It can be difficult for some experienced sailors to leave everything to another captain. All sailors have their own approaches and quirks. There is no need to wince at the way that one sailor handles a boat when you can take control yourself. These new waters also offer a new learning experience.

3. You get a little more privacy for a romantic getaway.

The idea of sailing around the Caribbean is pretty romantic. Many couples can think of nothing better than sipping champagne on the deck of a yacht as the sun sets. But, this is less romantic with a captain and bartender looking on. You can be truly alone on a bareboat option.

4. Teach the family how to sail.

The other great thing about captaining your own vessel for the week is that you can let youngsters take the wheel for a little bit in calm, open water. This is a great bonding experience and it offers the chance for kids to feel like they are part of the adventure.

5. Save a little money

Finally, there is the financial benefit. There is the chance to save money with a self-catered, bareboat approach. The fewer facilities and staff to pay for, the lower the cost. This can be a great final incentive when selling the idea to family and friends. You can all chip in to hire the boat and share the costs of the holiday along the way.

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