The 5 Reasons Why You Should Use A Travel Agent for your Post Covid-19 Trip

5 reasons why you need a travel agent

As Sea-lovers, we are inveterate travelers. As countries slowly open up after the pandemic, we’ll be able to enjoy the wind and the waves again. Of course, health is high up on our list of concerns, and we know how anxious it can be to plan a sailing summer vacation or a cruise later in the year.

The good news is that your chance of contracting the disease while you are in a charter boat is not any larger than it is staying home. You can easily keep six feet from strangers in remote cays in the Bahamas or a secluded beach in the Mediterranean

With a Crewed yacht, you don’t even need to go in town with the crowd to provision. A boat is a home away from home, where you don’t have to mix with others as much.

As agents, we can help you navigate this strange new world of traveling and plan your sailing vacation away from the need to worry with an agent

1 – Get the human touch

To plan a sailing vacation, you can go online and book your plane and rental boat. But you don’t need to spend time on this kind of hassle. Why would you be worried about the travel restrictions and other details while we can handle it for you? 

As travel advisors, our most precious offer is peace of mind. Moreover, we love to know about our clients to personalize our advice and give them suggestions to make their cruise even more memorable. Our specialty is crafting a hand-tailored journey.

2 – We can ease your worries

Due to the pandemic, most travel products have changed their terms, conditions, and rules. It can be overwhelming to try to keep up up-to-date information on everything from airline changes to itinerary modifications and insurance policy updates. 

As a travel advisor, we are here to help you navigate all the roadblocks of post-pandemic travel. We make sure that the information we deliver is legitimate and objective. 

Let us soothe your worries with reliable advice on destinations, travel conditions, quarantine measures in place, and safety. 

3 – We know the rules of travel

Insurance and cancellation policies used to be an afterthought for many yachties. After the COVID-19, most travelers have shifted their focus from the cost of holidays to ensuring they are protected if they need to adjust their trip duration. 

We can guarantee our clients that they are protected if they need to cancel or change their trip dates.

Travel agent are problem solver

4 – We know the place you’re going

Even if you can read and watch videos about a destination, nothing will replace a real experience in the area. As travel advisors, we have built detailed knowledge of specific destinations. We can help you to plan your sail if you are looking to travel while restrictions are still in place in some areas.

We also know our fleet and the crews to make sure our clients receive the best services. We care about all the small details to make sure your trip is unforgettable.

Moreover, we are not so eager for you to charter a yacht if we know that all the conditions are not right for an exceptional sailing experience. We are not simple merchants. We are sailing enthusiasts, and we want to build a long time relationship and trust with our clients.

5 – We are problem solvers

A travel advisor is a crucial part of your insurance policy. We can sort out alternative plans for you if something unexpected does happen on your trip. You can count on our ongoing support as your invisible traveling companion.



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