The 3 good reasons why you can trust us for the organization of your next yacht charter.


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As sea lovers, we are inveterate travelers. As countries slowly open up after the pandemic, we will again be able to enjoy the wind and the waves. Of course, health is at the top of our list of concerns, and we know how scary it can be to plan a summer sailing vacation or a cruise later in the year.

The good news is that your chance of contracting the disease while you are in a charter boat is not any larger than it is staying home. You can easily keep six feet from strangers in remote cays in the Bahamas or a secluded beach in the Mediterranean

Here comes the opportunity to experience the thrill of the wind and the waves, in short, the joys of freedom.

For a couple, with family or friends, the private yacht charter for a vacation in complete serenity. Here are the 3 good reasons to give us, in complete safety, the organization of your next vacations after Covid-19.


1 – A private yacht charter: safety, reliability, serenity

There is no doubt that after the period we have just gone through, health issues remain paramount. To tell the truth, the risk of contracting the disease aboard a chartered boat is equal to the risk of contracting it at home. A strict health protocol has been put in place; it differs from boat to boat and we will provide you with all the essential information you need to make your choices.

Travel agent are problem solver

On the other hand, as you will agree, it is easy to respect physical distance when you are on a remote island somewhere in Greece or on a secluded beach in the Caribbean!

On a crewed boat you won’t even have to worry about shopping, your crew takes care of everything.
A private cruise is being at home, far away from home.

But serenity also resides in our flexible and relaxed cancellation conditions.

2 – Less worries

As professionals, we know better than anyone else how the pandemic has generated multiple changes in terms of regulations, conditions, and other insurance policies: being at the cutting edge of information has become one of our biggest challenges.

We are here to help you overcome all the obstacles to post-pandemic travel. We ensure that the information we provide is legitimate and objective.

We provide sound advice on destinations, health measures in place, we take care of everything, with a careful follow-up until your return.

3 – Choosing Windward Islands: 20 years of experience and love of the sea

The experience, that’s what makes Windward Islands unique, which, as you will have understood, is anything but a missed booking platform behind a website.
Here we know and practice the sea since always, like our president, former captain, and co-founder of Windward Islands.

Windward Islands it is 12 offices around the world, a team speaking 6 languages working in all time zones for expert advice and trips stitched together, stitch by stitch.



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